Where do I register to vote?
The County Clerk's office or online: Complete the Voter Registration Application.

Where can I buy a hunting or fishing license?
Bison Mercantile, 706 Main St, Ashland

What information do I need to file my Homestead Return?
Total household income, including Social Security, and a copy of tax statement

How do I find out who owns a certain piece of property?
Bring the legal description or address to the Clerk's office or the Appraiser’s office. You may do a search on this website: See Appraisal Data Base Search tab at the top of this section.  You will need to use the public search.

Who do I talk to about the valuation of my property?
The Appraiser’s office

Who do I talk to concerning how levies are set?
The County Clerk’s office

Does Clark County have county zoning?

What is the total population of Clark County?
New 2020 census figures 1,991 - Clark County, 783 - Ashland, 58 – Englewood, 738 – Minneola, 412 Rural area

What is the total intangible tax rate for where I live?
See chart below

  City/Twp County Total
Ashland 0.00 .0075 .0075
Englewood .0225 .0075 .03
Minneola .0225 .0075 .03
Appleton Twp .0225 .0075 .03
Center Twp 0.00 .0075 .0075
Englewood Twp 0.00 .0075 .0075
Lexington Twp 0.00 .0075 .0075
Liberty Twp 0.00 .0075 .0075
Sitka Twp 0.00 .0075 .0075


Where do I get a road-crossing permit?
All road-crossing permits can be picked up at the Road and Bridge Office located at 920 Highland St. or call 620.635.2832.

Where do I find out what it costs to file a document?
Documents are filed in either the Register of Deeds office (Phone 620.635.2812) or the District Court Clerks office (Phone 620.635.2753).

Where do I find out what my traffic ticket costs or my court date?
The District Court Clerks office (Phone 620.635.2753)